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Definitions & terms

What exactly is a framework? An API? How does Machine Learning work? And why exactly do you need to consider the AVG law? To get you started on your digital project, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of definitions and terms below. Anything missing? Please feel free to send a message.

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Agile is a modern method for project management. The goal of Agile is to work as efficiently as possible. Not only for higher customer satisfaction, but also for increased job satisfaction and better results.


Android is Google’s operating system for mobile devices and has been around since 2008. It is the most widely used software on smartphones and tablets.


Amazon AWS is the largest cloud solution in the world. You can use AWS to display and process data from projects quickly.


An API lets one software interface communicate with another. Applications can therefore use functionalities or information from other applications.


The AVG is a privacy law that places obligations on the collection and processing of personal data.

Source code

A source code is the underlying code of a website or app. Websites are basically the visual representation of source code.


A CMS is a Content Management System. When developing websites, this system is used as the underlying environment (or backend)


An emulator or simulator is software that simulates the operation of a particular device or operating system. For example, it is used to test apps.


Firebase is a Google platform deployed to support apps.


A framework is the framework on which programmers build a Web site or application. It is therefore the basis for any digital project.


An emulator simulates different iOS and Android devices to test the operation of software on devices.


A front-end is the front end of a website or app, also called UI. It is the side of your digital product that the user sees.


Hardware is the tangible equipment needed to run software (computer programs), such as your laptop or smartphone.

Corporate identity

A corporate identity is the visual representation of an organization. That could be the layout of the website or app, for example.


iOS is Apple’s operating system for mobile devices and has been around since 2007. You’ll find the software on the iPhone and iPad, among others.


An issue or bug is a problem in a website or app. A good, digital product naturally has as few issues as possible.


Laravel is a framework for easier writing in the PHP programming language. Brthrs uses it to develop apps and websites faster and better.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the artificial intelligence by which digital devices and applications learn on their own. AI is thus used to create self-learning algorithms.

Personal data

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. It is information that is directly about someone, or traceable to someone.


Scrum is a project management method based on Agile. It is an effective, flexible way to develop software.


SDK is the abbreviation for software development kit. It is a set of development tools that make it easier to develop applications for a particular platform.


Storytelling is a way to appeal to your target audience with a gripping story. It is a powerful and natural communication tool to reach people and make a digital product successful.


TestFlight is a popular service for testing apps on iOS before putting them on the App Store. It is owned by Apple.

Processor Agreement

A processor agreement is an agreement between a party that collects personal data and the party that processes that data.


A wireframe is a visual representation of a website or app. This shows the layout as well as the functionalities of the digital product.


Wordpress is a well-known CMS for easily setting up and editing pages for a website. It was first known primarily as a blogging system, but today it has many more features.


Xcode is a program from Apple that allows you to develop apps for iOS. It is part of the iOS SDK and is free to download.


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