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React Native app development

When you build an app, you want it to appeal to as many people as possible. This requires a positive experience across devices and platforms. At the same time, you don’t want to keep reinventing the wheel. You want your app to be as efficient and flexible as possible. With a React Native app, you ensure rock-solid performance on any platform.

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We build your powerful React Native app

React Native allows you to develop apps for both iOS and Android. This has many advantages. The biggest plus: it costs less time and money. Together with you, Brthrs creates one strong concept for your smartphone app. We then develop the concept in React Native. That leads to an app that runs on every device and platform.

It is important for a smartphone app to strengthen your organization. For example, giving your sales people access to the CRM on their phones. Or by making content more available to your audience, through push notifications. By extending important business processes into a user-friendly React Native app, your organization gets and boost. Brthrs is happy to help you with that.

We develop your app with the right mix of strategy, technology and design. Because of our experience, your app stands like a house. On any device.

Native iOS & Android Apps

We develop high-quality native iOS app and Android apps, with all the advantages native offers: speed, great user-experience and pixel-perfect design.

iOS Development: Swift, Objective-C

Android Development: Kotlin, Java

Hybrid Apps

If you want your product or service to work on multiple systems, we can build you a hybrid app. This technology saves you time and money.

Hybrid Development: React Native, Firebase, Amazon AWS Amplify

Web Apps

A Web application is the ideal choice when you prefer a Web-based solution to developing a traditional mobile app. This approach allows you to reach a wider audience without the need for users to download or install anything. With a web app, you can effectively provide an app-like experience, optimized for all smartphones, while taking advantage of the benefits of web technologies.

Development: React and Vue.JS

The best app for your business

We combine our experience in React Native with a broad knowledge of integrations, such as links to WordPress and Microsoft Dynamics. For a customized app, we first examine the needs and wants of your business. This is how Brthrs creates an app that gives your organization a boost.

A good app does what your users expect, but it should also exceed their expectations. Streamlined functionalities are just as important to us as visual splendor. After all, a positive user experience contributes to engagement and brand awareness.

This is how we develop your React Native app


Together we look at the market and your product. How do you make your target audience happy? By answering that question, we create an effective strategy that will help your organization continue to drive growth.


An app should feel familiar on any platform. For that, the right style is important. But a button should not only look nice, it should also be in the right place. The right UI and UX are the foundation of your React Native app.


With an appropriate strategy and an appealing design, we develop your app in React Native. We work in short sprints, keeping you constantly informed. That way, your app will ultimately meet the exact needs of your organization.


After the development phase, you can start growing with your new React Native app. Through constant monitoring, analysis and A/B testing, we monitor quality. We optimize where and when needed.

Knowledge base apps

Want to know more about apps? Take a look at our knowledge base, who knows, maybe we can answer your question. Of course, you can also call or WhatsAppen us!

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