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CRM app developer

You use a powerful CRM to map your customers, such as SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics. You want to further leverage this data in a smartphone app. Brthrs can leverage any CRM to develop a rock-solid app for you. An app that lets you boost your organization.

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We build your powerful CRM app

Your sales or marketing team probably can’t do without the CRM system. To get a clear picture of customers or to see leads. By extending the functionalities of your platform to a user-friendly smartphone app, you strengthen your organization. Brthrs is happy to help with that.

We set up the best strategy for you, and take care of the design and technology. We develop your CRM app for any platform: a native app for iOS or Android, a hybrid app or web app.

The perfect CRM app for your business

We know all the integration options and APIs of CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics or SalesForce. To develop the perfect app for your organization, we look at the needs and wants of your organization and target audience. We create a CRM app that helps your team perform daily tasks better and faster.

A good app does what your users expect. This is why Brthrs’ apps excel not only visually, but also functionally. Your business gets a boost with a positive user experience for your employees.

Native iOS & Android Apps

We ontwikkelen hoogwaardige native iOS app en Android apps, met alle voordelen die native biedt: snelheid, een goede user-experience en een pixel-perfect design.

iOS Development: Swift, Objective-C

Android Development: Kotlin, Java

Hybride Apps

Wanneer je jouw product of service wilt laten werken op meerdere systemen, kunnen we een hybride app voor je bouwen. Met deze technologie bespaar je tijd en geld.

Hybride Development: React Native, Firebase, Amazon AWS Amplify

Web Apps

Een webapplicatie is de ideale keuze wanneer je de voorkeur geeft aan een web-gebaseerde oplossing boven het ontwikkelen van een traditionele mobiele app. Deze benadering stelt je in staat om een breder publiek te bereiken zonder de noodzaak voor gebruikers om iets te downloaden of installeren. Met een webapp kun je effectief een app-achtige ervaring bieden, geoptimaliseerd voor alle smartphones, terwijl je profiteert van de voordelen van webtechnologieën.

Development: React en Vue.JS

This is how we develop your CRM app


We look with you at your CRM and which functionalities fit best in an app. How are your employees most comfortable working? With the right strategy, your business continues to grow.


An appropriate UI and UX are essential for your CRM app. We make sure the app feels familiar to your team, with an appropriate corporate identity. A button should not only be beautiful, but also be in the right place.


The strategy and design of your CRM app become reality in the development phase. Using the latest technology, and working in sprints, we ensure that your app fully meets your organization's needs.


Spark growth with your new smartphone app. We keep a finger on the pulse by monitoring, analyzing and A/B testing. Thus, we constantly monitor quality, and optimize where necessary.

Knowledge base apps

Want to know more about apps? Take a look at our knowledge base, who knows, maybe we can answer your question. Of course, you can also call or WhatsAppen us!

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This is Robert, director of Brthrs. Do you have a question, a challenge, an idea … He loves to hear it!

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