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What is Xcode?

Xcode is a program from Apple that allows you to develop apps for iOS. It is part of the iOS SDK and is free to download. You do need a Mac for that. Brthrs uses this program to create iPhone and iPad apps.

Through Agile, Brthrs Agency works more efficiently

The first version of Xcode was launched in 2003. The development program supports many well-known programming languages, including C++, Objective C++, Java and Swift. In addition to a text editor to write code in, it also includes an interface builder. In it, you can design a UI for your app. In addition, you have a simulator at your disposal in which you can test your apps. The program also comes with a lot of useful documentation for app developers.

The benefits of Agile for your project

Brthrs has been using Xcode for app development for years. It is one of the most important tools we use to create quality iOS apps. Before the development process starts, of course, we first ensure a solid concept and design. Going into the development phase, Xcode is an efficient tool for developing apps. Want to know more about Brthrs’ methods? Feel free to send us a message!


Want to know more?

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