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What is scrum?

Scrum is a project management method based on Agile. It is an effective, flexible way to develop software. Brthrs uses Scrum in developing digital products. This way of working produces a product that satisfies both developer and client.

What are the benefits of Scrum?

A multidisciplinary and self-managing team is at the heart of Scrum. The project is taken up as one team and everyone is involved in the planning and division of labor. Prior to development, the product owner first draws up a list of requirements and tasks, of which the most important functionalities are developed first. Of course, this is done in consultation with the client.

The Scrum Master leads a daily 15-minute meeting, in which each team member tells what they have done, are going to do and what they are up against. This way there is insight into the progress of the project and knowledge can be exchanged Every two to four weeks there is a delivery: this can be a complete product, or a piece of software. This gives the client constant insight into the progress of the project.

All the benefits of Scrum at a glance:

  • It makes your team more effective and efficient
  • It delivers results quickly
  • Both customer and developer have better insight
  • You develop only what is needed

Scrum delivers a better product

Scrum makes Brthrs’ projects more focused. We discuss the progress of our projects daily in a short team meeting. This keeps us focused on the feasibility and expectations of the project. This avoids disappointment, both for us and the client. Most importantly, it ultimately produces a product that satisfies everyone. Want to learn more about how we use Scrum to improve digital products? Feel free to send us a message!


Want to know more?

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