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What is an API?

An API (Application programming interface) is the software interface that lets one application communicate with another application. It enables a smooth transition of data from one system to another. Practically speaking, this allows applications to use functionalities or information from other applications.

How do you use an API?

APIs provide the interaction between applications, data and devices. The operation can be compared to a waiter in a restaurant. The waiter takes your order, and brings it to the cook (the application). A good waiter delivers your order (the data from the application) to your table in a timely and correct manner. More visually inclined? Watch the video to the right to see this example in action.

Among other things, APIs play a key role in ordering airline tickets. Comparison sites like Skyscanner and CheapTickets show all available flights to a given destination. That information is available by tapping into airline APIs.

How do you use an API?

Many large and small organizations make an API available to external developers. A well-known example is Facebook’s Share feature, which anyone can add to their website and app. Google provides an API to use features of Google Maps. Examples abound. Brthrs Agency uses APIs to implement functionalities into your application or website quickly and securely.

Want to learn more about APIs and how to use them in your project? Send a message or stop by our office in Utrecht!



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