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Brthrs wants a digital world
for everyone.
People with disabilities should also be able to use the Internet freely. But digital accessibility is important for all of us. Suppose you need to use a website and your mouse suddenly breaks, or you break your arm. In situations like that, accessibility comes in tremendously handy. Everyone benefits from digitally accessible websites. Yet many website builders do not take it into account. This is a barrier for people with disabilities, but it also results in a less functional product. For the best performing companies, accessibility is an indispensable goal. Why? We give you the four main reasons.

1. Digital accessibility creates innovation

Developing a digitally accessible website forces you to look beyond the design. How do you make sure someone who is visually impaired can use your Web site? How can someone with a physical disability navigate your website? These kinds of issues are close to usability. You are forced to think about a product that feels intuitive and natural. In other words, it creates innovation. A well-known example is voice recognition. This functionality was initially intended for people with disabilities, but has since been widely deployed. How often do you ask Siri, Google or Alexa for help?

2. Digital accessibility produces a better website

The need to be innovative ultimately leads to a better website. A digitally accessible website is picked up faster by Google because a search engine is “blind” to inaccessible code. The more accessible code your Web site has, the better Google likes the site can find. Digitally accessible platforms are additionally characterized by their compact nature. Content is the focus, not design. As a result, a digitally accessible website will load faster and work on more devices than a “heavier” site. That adds to the usability as well as the reach of your platform.

3. Digital accessibility increases reach

About one billion people on this globe have disabilities. That’s 15% of the world’s population! This target population is increasing, in part because of the aging population. It is therefore necessary to think about digital accessibility. Not to mention the tremendous reach you leave behind if you ignore these people. Forbes estimates the global audience for accessibility at 2.3 billion! This gigantic market must be exploited. Digital accessibility additionally provides opportunities for other audiences. After all, it also benefits someone with a broken arm. Consider further the convenience of subtitles if you are in a room where sound is not an option. Conversely, the same goes for turning on sound when you can’t see the screen properly. Digital accessibility greatly increases the reach of your website.

4. With digital accessibility, you comply with laws and regulations

Only government and semi-government organizations
must currently comply with digital accessibility
. However, it is not inconceivable that this could be extended to all Dutch websites in the future. So prepare and make sure you have an accessible website. Not sure exactly what to look for? Brthrs is happy to help you develop a digitally accessible website. We have developed a method with which we can effectively assess the accessibility of your website. Want to know more? Contact us.

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