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The coronavirus and measures against its further spread affect us all, one way or another. Much of the Netherlands works from home, the hospitality industry can only sell take away meals, and stores are also seeing a decline in sales. Fortunately, the government helps entrepreneurs financially. The great thing about entrepreneurs, on the other hand, is that it is precisely through hard work, innovativeness and creativity that this group often emerges stronger from difficult situations.

Especially this time is a good time to bet on online marketing. The average Dutch person is on their smartphone and laptop more than usual during this lockdown, after all, they need to stay inside. This also means that the target audience is more online than usual. Excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on this!

Google My Company

One of the most important factors in a crisis like this is accurate information. Arjen Lubach already told us about corona-related fake news disseminated through WhatsApp and social media. As an entrepreneur, you can help get the right news to the right people. For example, by entering your custom business hours on Google My Business, your customers know when they can and cannot reach you. This takes a few minutes and can even be done from the Google My Company web app, convenient!

Good to know for the hospitality industry

Normally, Google penalizes the use of clever search terms in company names on Google My Company. For example, a bicycle repair shop can manipulate the algorithm by changing its business name on this platform to “Fix tire – bicycle repair – new bikes,” which will cause the business to rank higher in search results for these terms. Because this does not make for an uncluttered platform, Google does not normally allow this. An exception is now being made for catering establishments. These businesses can add “take away” or “delivery possible” to still attract more customers.

Commit to e-commerce

Many large chains are betting on selling products online, now that this is no longer possible in physical stores. On the other hand, among consumers, this is well received. Many online shops and delivery services are struggling with a huge increase in orders. Not only do people order something from an online store more regularly in these times, a whole new audience is being activated! Many people do need to order online, including people who have never done so before.

Opening a web shop is also an excellent solution for local business owners to make up for lost sales. We help business owners quickly have an affordable and, most importantly, quality website online. These are compatible with existing Content Management Systems, such as WordPress. We also help business owners get started on managing products themselves in the digital environment.

Digital accessibility

Not everyone who currently works, studies or resides at home can operate the Internet in the same way. A large group of Dutch people require an accessible website or app because of a disability, for example. To help entrepreneurs make digital products accessible, we are now looking at check free websites and apps for accessibility. Thus, a wider audience can be served.

Blogging for findability

For many entrepreneurs, blogging is a necessary evil. Often the importance of blogging is known, but it is difficult to set aside time to actually do it. The time available now lends itself perfectly to writing articles. The important thing is to write this content with your target audience’s search terms and search intent in mind. What words do customers use to find me online? What stage of the customer journey are they in when they use these terms? Being aware of this and responding to it will improve your site’s organic findability (SEO). No idea where to start? Brthrs advises and supports companies in the Creating the right content ..

Growing in these times

Mandatory homemaking, besides many limitations, also offers opportunities precisely for those who are walking around with a good idea but don’t know where to start. This is the time to turn your good idea into reality. So you can use this time to develop your product and have a website in order. Brthrs advises entrepreneurs in setting up startups. With us, entrepreneurship is in our blood.

Thus, we can advise you to take the steps to your dream product or service yourself. From an Agile Prototyping, we quickly design and produce a prototype. Because of the short cycles, the marketable product is ready when the corona measures are lifted.

Making an impact together

Making your organization emerge stronger from this crisis? We are happy to help! Feel free to contact us for a digital cup of coffee to see how we can help you further.

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