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An inspiring new look for an inspiring company

Thanks to Brthrs, coaching company Power4People has a brand new website in a fresh new corporate identity

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Power4People has been helping employers and employees with coaching, outplacement and reintegration since 2009. Important work, so you’d better show up well.

The previous website – also developed by Brthrs – was already a vast improvement over before. Power4people was the industry leader. But to bring a breath of fresh air into clients’ lives, it is important to maintain a fresh brand identity yourself.

On top of that, a brand identity must grow with you. As Power4People teaches their clients: it is important to continually evolve. Power4People has also changed and grown over the years. And with that came a different look-and-feel.

We are very satisfied with the process. At Brthrs, there are several disciplines in-house that can be called upon to help. Even when we ourselves did not have sufficient capacity to provide texts or co-build, Brthrs was flexible, offered practical help and things still worked out perfectly.

Wilma RoskamDirecteur Power4People

A winding path to map out together

Part of the new identity is the winding dotted path. It represents the development that Power4People clients go through, professionally and privately. Power4People takes people by the hand and guides them through their process.

The path also represents the future that clients plot together with Power4People. Is the path in danger of disappearing from view? Then Power4People shows how clients can find their own way back.

We saw the power of this symbolism and made it one of the strong visual elements of the new corporate identity.

Better understood by both audiences

With the old website, requesting a quote was lightning fast. Too fast. Employers are well versed in the subject matter, but for employees, requesting a quote for a coaching session or reintegration program is not an everyday occurrence.

Because workers lacked needed information, quotes were requested for services that later proved inappropriate.

On the new website, we have made essential information easy to understand for both employer and employee.

Effortless navigation

Employers and employees. Two groups of professionals with different information needs, but about the same service offerings. How do you set up the website accordingly?

Fortunately, at Brthrs, we have extensive experience in web design. The employer and employee pages now both have their own color. This way, every website user can see what page they are on.

Isn’t that taking a wrong turn? Then adjusting is a breeze. We have now set up Power4People’s website so that their potential clients can easily “switch” between employer and employee. The built-in switch remains in view even while scrolling.

This split not only makes navigation easy. It also offers commercial opportunities. Power4People can more easily perform A/B testing for increased conversion.

“I can definitely recommend Brthrs. We have already completed two beautiful websites with them and both process and end result are to die for!”

Wilma RoskamDirecteur Power4People


Want to know more?

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