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WhatsApp link development

WhatsApp has an API (ability to link) that only businesses can use. You can link this API to various external systems, allowing you to easily and easily inform your customers via WhatsApp with data from an external system.

What can a WhatsApp link do for your organization?

Businesses can set up better communication facility with customers with a link to WhatsApp. Examples include: Alerts, Notifications and Customer Support. For example, we have set up our workflow so that our customers receive automatic notifications when we release a new version of their software.


For example, organizations can have urgent alerts sent automatically, such as in the event of a system failure or fire.


Notifications on orders, deliveries, appointment reminders and payment processing.


Support departments can now initiate conversations through support channels. This is especially nice for the end user, as they will not have to use another app or platform.

Do you also want to develop a WhatsApp link? We are happy to help you. You can then contact us here.


Want to know more?

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