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What is WordPress?

Wordpress is a well-known CMS for easily setting up and editing pages for a website. It was first known primarily as a blogging system, but today it has many more features. Brthrs uses this CMS for developing websites.

What are the benefits of WordPress?

WordPress has a flexible and open nature and the backend is very user-friendly. It makes the CMS an excellent and secure solution for both developers and end users. Because it is free to use (open-source), a large number of developers are working on it. Errors in the system are therefore quickly resolved.

The benefits of WordPress at a glance:

  • Free: it is completely free to download and use.
  • Easy to install: a user-friendly wizard allows you to set up the CMS in your online environment within five minutes
  • Easily expandable: an extensive choice of plugins allows you to use it for virtually any purpose, whether that be a news site, web shop or discussion forum
  • Search engine-friendly: the structure of WordPress is set up for optimal findability in Google or Bing.

How do you create a website in WordPress?

Because of its accessible nature, almost anyone can set up a website in WordPress. There is also a wide scale of visual themes and plugins available to customize the CMS to your taste. If you have more specific requirements, you may run into challenges. Brthrs has specialized in WordPress for years, and we can help you with all your questions: whether it’s about designing a unique theme, developing a complementary plugin or creating a full website. Feel free to send us a message!


Want to know more?

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