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What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is a way to appeal to your target audience with a gripping story. It is a powerful and natural communication tool to reach people and make a digital product successful.

Why is Storytelling successful?

In successful Storytelling, recognizability plays a big role. You do that by crafting a story that holds up a mirror to people, or that they feel a connection to. If you implement Storytelling successfully, it is a powerful marketing tool. After all, your message becomes more credible when someone can identify with you.

Examples of successful Storytelling

To find good examples of Storytelling, all you have to do is dive into the world of advertising. Brands like Starbucks, Tony Chocolonely and LEGO are masters at coming up with catchy stories. Or check out UNOX’s video to the right. In it, the modern, vegetarian smoked sausage is promoted with a nostalgic story. The message: times are changing.

How do you use Storytelling successfully?

With the right Storytelling, you can make your digital project more engaging and appealing. But how do you use this communication tool most effectively? It is important that your story exudes quality but at the same time is subtle. In short, the less your message radiates “sales,” the better. Need advice? Brthrs is happy to think with you about the right story for your organization.


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