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What is a processor agreement?

A processor agreement is an agreement between a party that collects personal data and the party that processes that data. Among other things, it outlines responsibilities when processing personal data. The AVG law mandates this agreement.

What does a processor agreement say?

For example, a processor agreement states what happens to processed personal data. It is also important to make arrangements for data breaches. Who reports a data breach and compensates for damages?

These are other important issues for a processor agreement:

  • What is the purpose of the processing?
  • How will the data be processed?
  • What is the location of the data?
  • How will the data be protected?
  • How long is the data kept?

Thus, there are many other things to consider. What applies to your processing agreement depends on how you handle personal data. The website of the Personal Data Authority has much more information about a processor agreement.

How do I create a processor agreement?

At Brthrs, we handle personal data with care. Therefore, we enter into processor agreements with each party we work with. Think Google (for Analytics), Intercom (for support) and Amazon AWS (for data storage). Usually large companies have an agreement ready by default. If not, we draft them ourselves. In doing so, we ensure that we are AVG-compliant.


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