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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the artificial intelligence (AI) that allows digital devices and applications to learn on their own. In this way, algorithms improve themselves with inputs and data, without requiring additional programming. AI is thus used to create self-learning algorithms.

What are the benefits of Machine Learning?

Machine Learning makes digital experiences more efficient. Self-learning algorithms automate recurring processes and workflows. This is not only easier, but saves time and money. Algorithms, for example, are capable of automatically labeling people and objects in photographs. Another example is a spam filter that quarantines unwanted e-mail itself. Other well-known examples:

  • Search engines: Google provides the most relevant results with a complex algorithm. This is based in part on your search history.
  • Soccer reports: an algorithm uses input and data from the field to keep track of points and other statistics on its own
  • Natural language recognition: self-learning algorithms recognize the function and meaning of words and phrases. That makes for better translations.

Improve your organization with Machine Learning

ML is a valuable addition to your digital project. It is a powerful solution to automate processes and workflows. Often the data for a self-learning algorithm is already present within your organization. You then just need to come up with the right concept to put the data to good use. Brthrs is happy to think with you about the possibilities of ML for your organization. Contact us with no obligation!


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