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What is Laravel?

Laravel is a framework for easier writing in the PHP programming language. Brthrs uses it to develop apps and websites faster and better. On this page you can read more about the benefits of Laravel.

What are the benefits of Laravel?

Laravel is characterized by simplicity and overview. Even inexperienced programmers quickly master the framework. This is partly because the development process is very logical and there is extensive documentation available on Laravel.

Some major advantages of Laravel at a glance:

  • Important functions are already in the framework: many commonly used PHP functions are already included in Laravel. This saves considerable development time.
  • All code is structured: therefore, a developer never has to search for where a particular “string” goes and code spaghetti is avoided.
  • Comprehensive and clear documentation: Laravel’s documentation is clearly described, including videos. This allows even a junior developer to master the framework.

Why do we use Laravel?

The nimble nature of Laravel suits the way Brthrs develops digital products. It helps us create quality apps and websites that we can deliver quickly. Combined with our Agile way of working, this brings many benefits to the customer. Want to know more about our way of programming? Feel free to send us a message!


Want to know more?

This is Robert, director of Brthrs. Do you have a question, a challenge, an idea … He loves to hear it!

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