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What is a front end?

A front-end is the front end of a website or app, also called the User Interface (UI). It is the side of the digital product that the user sees. The term is closely related to front-end developer: a developer who programs the front end of a website or app.

How does a front-end work?

A designer designs the visual representation of a front-end or UI, and a front-end developer converts that design into working code. A website or app is programmed in languages such as PHP, .NET, Java and C++, and there is often a database link (MySQL, for example). Employing frameworks makes programming easier. With a CMS like WordPress, important functionalities do not need to be coded. With the back-end, you customize the text and appearance of pages.

How do you make a good front-end?

The front-end of your website is incredibly important because it is the side of your website that the user faces. If your UI is not up to par, users will have a bad experience. They will leave your website or not use your app.

For Brthrs, therefore, a good front-end is priority number one. That starts with designing a good layout, where we think about the UI and UX (User Experience. Then we program this with solid code. A good front-end has the following three properties:

  • Fast and streamlined: no one likes having to wait a long time for pages to load or functionalities to launch. Therefore, prioritize speed;
  • Good and clear code: a well-programmed front-end contributes to speed, as well as security. Moreover, it ensures higher Google rankings and faster approval in the App stores;
  • A pleasant user experience: Brthrs ensures that the UI of your website or app is uncluttered, so users can find everything and navigate well.


Want to know more?

This is Robert, director of Brthrs. Do you have a question, a challenge, an idea … He loves to hear it!

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