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What is Firebase?

Firebase is a platform deployed by Google to support apps. The (free) service includes a real-time database, analytics, storage and monitoring. The biggest advantage is the flexible database, which allows you to easily scale apps up and down. Brthrs uses Firebase when developing apps.

How does Firebase work?

Firebase is a very accessible tool. Like most of Google’s products, all services are free to use, although as the database grows you have to switch to a paid package. The uncluttered interface requires little configuration to link an app. The real-time database significantly speeds up development time. While this database resides in the cloud, it can also be used offline.

The variety of APIs and active community makes almost any integration with external services possible.

Why do we use Firebase?

Firebase is a fast, lightweight solution for setting up an app. That is why it is one of the tools we use at Brthrs to develop digital projects. Because every development environment has its pros and cons, we deploy a wide range of solutions. Want to learn more about the tools Brthrs uses to develop your app? Feel free to send us a message!


Want to know more?

This is Robert, director of Brthrs. Do you have a question, a challenge, an idea … He loves to hear it!

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