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Backend development

The backend is the system behind a Web site or application where you edit content, process your orders or manage your customer base.

We develop a modern backend

Because a backend often handles sensitive information, it is important that this system be fast, user-friendly and secure. Brthrs Agency is happy to develop your solid and modern backend.

Without a solid backend, not only do you lose time and money, but you are likely to make costly mistakes. With our years of experience, we are happy to help you avoid this. Using modern techniques such as Amazon AWS and Google Firebase, we develop a fast and scalable backend. This is cost-effective and specific to tasks you want to perform efficiently and safely. Backend development goes hand in hand with the front end of your website or application. We are happy to help with that, too. We can develop a website or app for any platform, and also take internet marketing off your hands.

We offer a secure backend with foolproof privacy policies

A secure backend coincides with privacy: you shouldn’t think about sensitive data belonging to you, or to customers, ending up with malicious parties. Therefore, a solid backend is very important. Brthrs Agency is up to date with the latest developments in privacy legislation and security. we develop a secure backend, and always take privacy legislation into consideration. That way you, or your client, will never have any nasty surprises.

We deliver a scalable backend for greater efficiency

It is important for a backend to be scalable. If you get more orders or users, the underlying system has to be able to handle that. Brthrs Agency makes sure your backend is prepared for this. A scalable backend also allows new tasks to be added to the system quickly and easily.

We are happy to advise you on backend development: send us a message or drop by our office in Utrecht.


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