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The chatbot phenomenon is not very new per se. In fact, chatbots have been around for more than 50 years! Although there are major differences between the simple chatbots of the past and, the artificial intelligence-based chatbots of today.

The biggest difference lies in the fact that the chatbots of the past were nothing more than a simple “question – answer” software, in which the user asked a question and the chatbot answered it. Today’s chatbots, thanks to artificial intelligence, are a lot smarter and can therefore do much more than just answer a user’s questions, such as buying products or ordering food. This article explains why chatbots are the future and how Brthrs helps create impact with a chatbot.

How exactly does an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot work?
A chatbot controlled by artificial intelligence is “smarter,” so to speak, than an ordinary chatbot of the past. Whereas these older versions were pre-programmed with a standard set of questions and available answers, today’s chatbots are self-learning. Thus, a chatbot is able to learn for itself what the right answer to a question is. As a result, the number of available answers that the chatbot can give no longer consists of the pre-programmed package, but a package of infinite answer options. Moreover, this package expands daily thanks to the chatbot’s self-learning feature.

In addition to answering questions, an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot can do much more. Consider, for example, scheduling an appointment or reserving a hotel room. The moment a chatbot has access to the necessary data, it is independently capable of performing a variety of tasks. A modern chatbot can actually do everything that a human can also do online and perhaps even more.

What do you use a chatbot for?
So an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot can be used for all sorts of purposes, provided the necessary data is available. Right now, you most often encounter a chatbot as customer service support. The chatbot is then implemented, for example, on the website or Messenger applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The use of chatbots by consumers is expected to increase in the future.

Whereas today applications and websites are used to look up information or perform certain tasks, in the future this may be performed by a chatbot. Ordering food or your groceries can be done by a chatbot, but also, for example, ordering a gift for your birthday mother-in-law.

A chatbot as customer service
Implementing a customer service chatbot has several benefits. Thus, customers can be helped with questions and problems without the need for an employee. After all, the same questions are frequently asked. Therefore, a chatbot is excellent for answering such questions quickly and efficiently. The advantage of this is that customers do not have to wait for an employee to be available, but get the answer they are looking for immediately.

If the chatbot does not know the answer, help can always be sought from a staff member. The chatbot will remember the employee’s correct answer so that in the future, it does answer the question directly. Another advantage is that thanks to a chatbot, customer service will be available day and night. After all, a chatbot does not need to sleep or go on vacation. So customers can always be helped with their questions and no longer have to wait for an answer. This is how you create a positive impact on your service and customer satisfaction!

A chatbot as a marketing tool
In addition to answering questions, a chatbot is also able to analyze them. This makes it possible to get a detailed understanding of customers’ questions and problems and what exactly they are looking for. So in this way, a chatbot can also create an impact in terms of marketing.

For example, a chatbot can be used to classify leads. Whereas visitors to a website previously had to contact it themselves, a chatbot is now able to do so. With a few simple questions, the chatbot begins the conversation with the new potential customer. By setting up pre-programmed response options, the visitor only has to click on the relevant answer and within a few questions the chatbot knows what the visitor is looking for. In this way, leads can be classified by the chatbot. The best leads are immediately forwarded to the appropriate department so they can be followed up quickly.

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