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With the hospitality industry having to close and many stores being less frequented, there is a visible spike in the world of e-commerce. Whereas the “bricks” are suffering from low visits because consumers are hardly leaving the door or even closing it completely, the “clicks” are busier than ever.

Yet many entrepreneurs are having a very tough time right now. Especially those business owners who normally rely precisely on physical visits. This negative development has certainly not gone unnoticed by us, which is why we at Brthrs would like to do our part. For this reason, we offer our web shop development services especially for all entrepreneurs at a reduced rate.

The possibilities of a web shop

A lot is possible with a web shop, so there is a lot involved in developing a web shop. Examples include managing assortment and inventory, payment options, a zip code check for deliveries and, of course, security in the form of an SSL certificate. Of course, you want everything to work well but, in addition, to be safe. Especially when it comes to personal data such as passwords and payment information. It is also important that the web shop works well for desktop as well as smartphones and tablets.

It may all seem like a complicated story, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many platforms available where you can set up your own webshop for free. Keep in mind that things like expertise in technology, marketing and design are necessary to set up a good web shop. As an entrepreneur, don’t worry about this because Brthrs has it all!

The advantages of having your own webshop

A web shop offers several advantages for you as a business owner. We have listed some of the benefits below:

  • You can offer products/services without being physically open, so a web shop offers a solution for avoiding physical contact.
  • As a webshop, you are available to customers 24/7.
  • You can more easily reach a larger audience through the Internet.
  • With the use of smart marketing, you can sell more.
  • With the use of smart online marketing, you can target and advertise to your specific audience.
  • You can target advertising in your own region thanks to good use of search engine optimization.
  • You can analyze customer buying behavior to get to know your customers better. This creates opportunities that would otherwise go unused.

The opportunities of an online store for you as an entrepreneur

Because of the measures regarding the coronavirus, many people are currently sitting at home. Without explicitly noticing it, much is asked of us in these times of social isolation. Concentrated work at home sometimes proves to be quite a task with all the distractions in the home. Impulses to do a household task in between or to sit on the couch with a nice cup of coffee anyway should be ignored.

Working from home in times of corona and social isolation requires impulse control. This takes mental energy and we humans can only muster that for a limited time. You recognize this, for example, if you are dieting or have set an alcohol-free month for yourself, but at some point can’t resist ordering a pizza or having a nice beer anyway. The psychological explanation for this is that the energy required to suppress your impulses simply runs out. That’s why you also notice that you secretly feel good about yourself after eating that pizza or drinking that beer. This is because at that point your body no longer has to spend energy suppressing impulses.

This example also applies to suppressing impulses to buy online. Thereby, it is well known that buying new products or good food and drink makes many people feel good. Something we crave just a little more in times of social isolation. So here are great opportunities for online stores. Because despite going out the door much less, the need to make (online) purchases remains and is likely to increase even more in the near future.

Your professional custom webshop

If you decide to open a web shop alongside your current physical business, it is obviously important that it matches your own look and feel. We at Brthrs therefore take this fully into account and design a web shop that matches your current house style. Because many business owners operate regionally, you have the ability to set the areas from which you accept orders. Of course, we also make sure that your new webshop is online within a week.

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