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TKH Security for iPhone & iPad

For TKH Security, we design & create multiple external apps that connect to their advanced camera software.

TKH Security

TKH Security is a leading organization in the field of distributing security system solutions and developing the CCTV software “Sense.”

Sense is an advanced CCTV platform that allows companies to manage their camera system.

Sense is based on IP system software for efficient video and data management and integrates various algorithms for content analysis. With a user-friendly interface, Sense includes many features such as: face, license plate, object and location recognition.

Simple overview

All cameras are always listed in a simple overview, making it clear which cameras require attention at the time. It is possible on both the iPhone and iPad to search the camera list via a search function.

Back in time

An important function within Sense is the "Playback", with this it is possible to go back in time and view already recorded camera images.

Apple TV

The Apple TV is VDG Security's newest product. With the Apple TV, you get easy control of your camera system from your couch.

API connection

All the external products we have developed for VDG Security were created on Sense's API.

Camera management

Many users need to manage a large number of cameras. A simple Drag & Drop feature allows the user to determine which cameras are important.

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