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Hybride app ontwikkelen

Making an app suitable for any platform is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, a hybrid app that can work on all devices and platforms offers a solution. Brthrs is happy to help incorporate your organization’s success elements into an app. Give your organization a boost!

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Brthrs customizes your hybrid app

A hybrid app can be developed quickly and inexpensively on any platform and device, for example, with React Native. Of course then you need a successful strategy. Whether you want to incorporate a business process into an app, or display the most important information from your website: Brthrs is happy to help. With an app, you have an additional channel to reach your customers.

The main purpose of a hybrid app is that it strengthens your organization. For example, giving sales people access to the CRM on their phones, or making content more available to your audience with push notifications. Boost your organization by extending key processes into an easy-to-use app. Brthrs has the knowledge and experience to help you do this.

We develop your app with the right mix of strategy, technology and design. Because of our experience, the hybrid app stands like a house: on any device.

Native iOS & Android Apps

We ontwikkelen hoogwaardige native iOS app en Android apps, met alle voordelen die native biedt: snelheid, een goede user-experience en een pixel-perfect design.

iOS Development: Swift, Objective-C

Android Development: Kotlin, Java

Hybride Apps

Wanneer je jouw product of service wilt laten werken op meerdere systemen, kunnen we een hybride app voor je bouwen. Met deze technologie bespaar je tijd en geld.

Hybride Development: React Native, Firebase, Amazon AWS Amplify

Web Apps

Een webapplicatie is de ideale keuze wanneer je de voorkeur geeft aan een web-gebaseerde oplossing boven het ontwikkelen van een traditionele mobiele app. Deze benadering stelt je in staat om een breder publiek te bereiken zonder de noodzaak voor gebruikers om iets te downloaden of installeren. Met een webapp kun je effectief een app-achtige ervaring bieden, geoptimaliseerd voor alle smartphones, terwijl je profiteert van de voordelen van webtechnologieën.

Development: React en Vue.JS

This is how we develop your hybrid app


Together we look at the market and your product. How do you make your target audience happy? By answering that question, we create an effective strategy that will help your organization continue to drive growth.


A hybrid app should feel familiar on any device. For that, the right style is important. But a button should not only look nice, it should also be in the right place. The right UI and UX are the foundation of your app.


With an appropriate strategy and an appealing design, we develop your hybrid app. We work in short sprints, keeping you constantly informed. That way, your app will meet the exact needs of your organization.


After the development phase, you can start growing with your new hybrid app. Through constant monitoring, analysis and A/B testing, we monitor quality. We optimize where and when needed.

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Want to know more?

This is Robert, director of Brthrs. Do you have a question, a challenge, an idea … Robert and the Brthrs team would love to hear from you!

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