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Hybrid app


It’s time consuming and expensive to make an app available for every platform. A hybrid app, working on all devices and platforms, is the answer. Brthrs helps you implement the winning elements of your organisation in an app. Boost your business!

Brthrs develops your hybrid app on scale

Brthrs develops your hybrid app swift and easy on every platform and device, through solutions like React Native. Of course, you will need the suitable strategy. Whether you want to implement a business process in an app or display all important details of your website: Brthrs helps you out. An app hands you an extra channel to reach your audience.

The main goal of a hybrid app is to strengthen your organisation. By giving your sales people access to the CRM on their phone, or to make content better available with push notifications. Boost your organisation by extending key processes to a user-friendly app. Brthrs has the knowledge and experience to help you do this.

We develop your app with the right mix of strategy, technology and design. Our long-time experience makes your hybrid app stand firm, whatever the device may be.

Native iOS & Android Apps

We develop high-quality Native iOS and Android app, with all native advantages: speed, the proper user experience and pixel-perfect design.

iOS Development: Swift, Objective-C

Android Development: Kotlin, Java

Hybrid Apps (React Native)

We build your hybrid app, to let your product or service function on multiple systems. Save time and money with this technology.

Hybride Development: React Native

Web Apps

No time or budget to develop a native or hybrid app? Choose a web app. Make your app available for all smartphones in a speedy and profitable way.

Web App Development: Vue JS & React

How we develop your hybrid app


Together, we analyse the market and your product. How are you going to make your target audience happy? By answering this question, we create an effectieve strategy to let your organisation grow.


A hybrid app should feel comfortable on every device. That's why the right style is important. A button shouldn't just look nice, but needs to be in the right position. The right UI and UX form the foundation of your app.


We develop your hybrid app based on a suitable strategy and attractive design. We work in short sprints, keeping you constantly updated on our progress. In doing this, we make sure you get the app your organisation needs.


Na de ontwikkelfase kun je de groei inzetten met jouw nieuwe hybride app. Door constante monitoring, analyses en A/B testen bewaken we de kwaliteit. Wij optimaliseren waar en wanneer dat nodig is.


Like to know more?

This is Robert, owner of Brthrs. Have a question, challenge or idea? He loves to hear it!

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