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Zuidema Influence Hub

Personal coaching and training tool that allows you to get the most out of every situation

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Zuidema Influence Hub is a mobile learning management system

Zuidema Influence Hub is a mobile learning management system and developed for participants to the personal development training of Bureau Zuidema.

The app helps you prepare for the training day(s), fine-tune your learning goals during the training and ensure behavioral change afterwards.

With the app you discover when you are effective in your communication and when you are not. And what happens if you approach it differently than you are used to. Because successful professionals adjust their behavior to the situation and the relationship with the other.


The app has different exercises per training that can be done before, during and after the training.

360 degree feedback

To promote self-insight before the start of the training, the participant invites seven people beforehand to complete a questionnaire about his or her influence style.

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Gamification & E-learning

With small quizzes, tests and fun e-learning, participants are challenged to develop themselves.


You can easily make notes in the app during the training sessions. You can e-mail your notes to yourself, so that you can read everything back at home.

The Influence Hub is also available for
? iOS iPad & ? Android Tablet

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