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Bureau Zuidema

How we built a website for the agency that empowers people that reinforces that goal.

Bureau Zuidema: the training agency specializing in influence

Bureau Zuidema is one of the largest training agencies in the Netherlands. They are the experts in increasing the influence of individuals, teams and organizations. Through exercises and insight into how you behave in situations of influence, you will develop concrete skills through the influence model to increase your impact in the workplace - and in other situations. In addition to influence training, they also have training in the areas of communication and leadership.

Website of Zuidema on tablet

A clear website with CRM connection

Bureau Zuidema asked us to develop a website their corporate identity breathes, is clear, ensures good conversion and that links to their CRM system. We designed a design that seamlessly fit their corporate identity, developed a custom WordPress website and linked it to their CRM system.

laptop with home page of website zuidema
laptop with zuidema's website

"We have enjoyed working with Brthrs for several years now. They think along with us about the best solutions and possibilities, so that everything works optimally and keeps working ánd it all looks good for the end user too!"

Martijn UitterlindenManager of Marketing & Business Development Bureau Zuidema
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