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A handy communication tool for AOb members

What do you do when you want to lower the threshold for contact with your members? Then you ask Brthrs to build you a beautiful app.

Photo of application from AOB
Reference to AOb
General Education Union
Education, union
Size of business
100 - 200 employees
85,000 members
Final Product
iOS & Android App

Always at hand

With almost 85 thousand members, the AOb is the largest education trade union in the Netherlands. The AOb represents their interests, both in terms of content and conditions of employment.

For all these loyal members, the AOb wanted an application that would allow them to access news, events and their own data anytime, anywhere.

We were allowed to develop the iOS and Android app for them.

For the AOb, we were looking for a party that could take us through the entire process, because making an app was new to us. Brthrs could offer this and another advantage was that, like us, they are located in Utrecht. That ensures that you can discuss complicated subjects in person.

Project ManagerGeneral Education Union

A lesson in user convenience

The AOb has a lot to share with their members. How do you make sure you offer all this information in bite-sized chunks? A great challenge for our adept app designers.

Because smartphones vary in size, screen ratios also vary and line lengths are different on each device. In order to keep the text clear, we have devised a system that determines the heights between the different text elements. This keeps everything nice and legible!

Photo from app AOB

Consulting constituencies

AOb regularly engages in social debate. For their arguments, they use information from surveys they conduct among their supporters. Our challenge: how do you keep the design so attractive that as many respondents as possible want to participate?

At Brthrs, we always do proper research before building. After testing different types of surveys, the current design finally emerged as the best.

Simplicity and reliability

Users can hardly misinterpret questions and answer options in our survey, thus providing reliable results. We have therefore kept the design simple.

Did we stop developing there? Certainly not! Thanks to a clear results screen, users also see the results of the survey straight away.

"We have an incredibly beautiful app that fits our corporate identity and complements and connects our other online channels. And so we see even more opportunities, which we may be able to execute well with Brthrs in the future."

Project ManagerGeneral Education Union
Photo by Robert Keus with pink background


Want to know more?

This is Robert, director of Brthrs. If you have a question, a challenge, an idea ... he'd love to hear it!

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