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Eneco Solar simulator app

An app that lets you see how solar panels would look on your roof.

iphone with the eneco solar simulator app

Generate more attention
for solar energy

Eneco came to us asking if we could come up with a way for people to pay more attention to solar energy. This had to result in a better informed and engaged target group that would eventually request information more quickly.

Easily calculate how much your solar panels will give you

Eneco is one of the largest suppliers of natural gas and electricity in the Netherlands. Eneco believes in sustainable energy. They also want to ensure that the population becomes better informed about sustainable energy and thus can make more conscious choices.

With the Eneco Solar Simulator it is possible to take a picture of your own roof and virtually put solar panels on it.

In our view, there is no better way for a user to get involved than by experiencing the product or service for themselves. With the app for iOS, you can create a digital model of your roof and fill it with solar panels in simple steps. And you can easily calculate how much the solar panels will yield you.

iphone with the eneco solar simulator app

Take a picture of your roof and use it to get the best possible idea of what solar panels on your roof look like.

image of app with photo of roof plus simulated panels
eneco app on an ipad

Google Maps

Many people do not have a pitched roof, but a flat roof or live in the city. For this target group, it is possible to use a satellite photo from Google Maps.

Collect the data

Of course, many people do not know whether their roof faces south or north. To determine the yield, the orientation of your roof relative to the sun is essential. To make it easy for the user, we simply use the compass for this.

To measure the slope angle of the roof, we use the device's gyroscope. By setting your device equal to the slope angle of your roof, the slope angle is calculated automatically.

iphone with the solar simulator app from eneco
iphone with the eneco solar simulator app


By linking open data from KNMI (Joules per m2), it is possible to show the current generation at the current time.

Based on the amount of solar panels and the location of the roof, the app gives predictions by year, month or week.

Photo by Robert Keus with pink background


Want to know more?

This is Robert, director of Brthrs. If you have a question, a challenge, an idea ... he'd love to hear it!

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