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Drug Red Alert App

An app for the Trimbos Institute that notifies you immediately if dangerous drugs are in circulation

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iOS & Android App

Immediate Red Alert

The Trimbos Institute monitors the drug market in the Netherlands. One of the ways they do this is by checking drugs coming from users for their contents. When substances are found in drugs that pose an acute threat to public health - for example, contaminated XTC pills or pills with an extremely high dose of MDMA - a so-called "Red Alert" is issued. The purpose of a Red Alert is to make as many people as possible aware of the dangerous drugs and thereby minimize the number of incidents.

At that point, health authorities, the media and the public are notified, including through the Red alert app.

We were allowed to develop this iOS and Android app for them. The app notifies users immediately when dangerous drugs are in circulation. It also provides users with news on drugs, information on where to get drugs tested and first aid tips by drug type.

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What the app does

  • Get instant notification when there is a Red Alert
  • Find out how and where you can get your drugs tested
  • Learn how to reduce drug risks
  • View list of extra risky pills
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Want to know more?

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