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What is TikTok Shopping?

TikTok Shopping is an integrated feature within the TikTok platform that allows sellers, brands and creators to sell their products directly through the platform. This is done not only through traditional in-feed videos, but also through livestreams and the Product Showcase tab. Although this feature is not yet available worldwide, its rollout has started since the summer of 2022 in countries such as the United Kingdom, China and Italy.

Why is TikTok Relevant to Online Marketing?

  • Growing E-commerce Presence: TikTok’s emergence as a hotspot for online shopping, mainly through the launch of TikTok Shop and promoting products through catchy videos.
  • Reaching Young Audiences: With 63% of Gen Z using TikTok daily, the platform surpasses other social media in reaching this demographic.
  • Revenue potential: By 2022, TikTok led in-app purchases in the U.S., with significant app store revenue, demonstrating great revenue potential.
Screenshots van TikTok Shopping in een iPhone.
Screenshots van TikTok Shopping met producten in een iPhone.

Advantages, Disadvantages and Competitive Potential of TikTok Shopping

  • Benefits: Direct sales, access to a young audience, interactive sales experience.
  • Disadvantages: Limited regional availability, adaptation to a new platform.
  • Competitive potential: TikTok Shop can become a strong competitor to established online retailers by offering a unique shopping experience.


TikTok is proving itself as a viable platform for online marketing, with various features and strategies that businesses can take advantage of. TikTok Shopping in particular opens new doors for interactive and creative promotion and sale of products to a young and dynamic audience.


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