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User Interface (UI).

A UI (User Interface) is inseparable from the UX (User Experience). It makes the UX of your website or app tangible. Think about designing a menu, images and buttons and choosing the right fonts.

UI and UX in perfect harmony

The goal of a UI is to render the UX as pixel perfect as possible. We focus on the visual guidelines of your project. The positioning of elements, the way the interface works and how texts are displayed.

Book of strategy on digital accessibility
reinoud from brthrs at brthrs office in utrecht

UI and objectives

Developing a UI is closely related to the objective and the story that you want to tell with your app or website. At Brthrs Agency, we want the user to get a valuable experience from your product. This can only be the case if the User Interface and User Experience work together harmoniously. It is important that the user does not drop out too quickly and wants to return to your app or website.

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Want to know more?

This is Robert, director of Brthrs. If you have a question, a challenge, an idea ... he'd love to hear it!

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