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Digital Accessibility

Developing a digitally accessible website or app product requires not only knowledge of technology, programming languages and design, but also knowledge about the target audience you are developing the product for. In most cases, people forget that a large group (namely 6 million people) has limited access to the digital world.

We specialize in developing digitally accessible websites and apps. In addition, we are affiliated with the accredited accessibility agency Digitally Accessible. So should you have a accessibility survey need, we can provide those as well.

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Why is digital accessibility important to your organization?

This can be for various reasons such as low literacy, low vision, dyslexic or hearing impaired. We at Brthrs believe in a digital world that is accessible to everyone. Therefore, we want to be leaders in creating beautiful, smart, user-friendly and accessible digital products for everyone.

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Is there legislation regarding digital accessibility?

Yes, all government and semi-government websites must be digitally accessible. Their websites must also have an accessibility statement.

Complying with digital accessibility guidelines and laws and regulations is not just useful because it serves a social function.

When you as an organization adhere to these guidelines then;

  1. Reach a larger audience. So more potential customers.
  2. Is user experience for your visitors better
  3. Is your website more findable in search engines
  4. Is your website usable on all devices and operating systems

How can we help you?

Wondering how accessible your website or app is?

Want to learn more about what digital accessibility means for your organization? Then sign up here.

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Want to know more?

This is Robert, director of Brthrs. If you have a question, a challenge, an idea ... he'd love to hear it!

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