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As an online agency, we love developing complex online products. Bringing together various data streams into one central online portal is therefore a project we enjoy taking on.

An online portal is the key to successful interaction with customers, employees, or suppliers. Our passion lies in creating seamless online portals that transform users' experience.

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Photo of application from AOB
Screenshot of general education union app

Why an online portal?

An online portal is a digital gateway to a wealth of information, services and tools, all in one place. Whether for customers, employees or specific partners, a well-designed portal provides a streamlined and personalized experience. It makes complex processes simple, and it strengthens the connection between your organization and your target audience.

Read more about the benefits of having a portal developed.

Customized online portals

The online portals Brthrs builds are always designed and developed for your organization. This means that the portals seamlessly fit the unique needs of our clients.

Examples of these online portals include customer portals, employee portals, e-commerce portals, medical portals and headless portals.

Screenshot of general education union app
Two images of the app from the General Education League

We previously developed this online portal

General Education Union iOS & Android app

With nearly 85 thousand members, the AOb is the largest education union in the Netherlands. The AOb wanted an application that would allow them to view news, events and their own data anytime and anywhere. For the AOb develop an app for.

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How we work


Hey, how nice to get to know you! Let's chat to find out what you need.

Strategy & Concept

What goals do you have, what are you unique in, who are your users and who are your competitors? Together we determine the (marketing) strategy for your website and create a first concept.


Our content specialist engages with you early in the process to work on appropriate content. Together, we create a unique website, with content that aligns with your brand and the goals you have in mind.


Don't have a corporate identity yet? Our designers can develop one for you. Based on the corporate identity, we will work out the interaction of the product and the user experience in a visual design.

Testing with the user

Ultimately, your users are the ones who should be happy with the website. Therefore, before we finalize the design, we always test with the users.

Technical phase

In this phase, we will work out what techniques we will use to realize the concept, content and design.


During the acceptance phase, it's up to you. We give you the space to give feedback on what we have created so far, before we start developing the website.


After the technical design, we start developing the website in sprints. Our team of programmers, content specialists and designers work closely together on this.


In the beta phase we are going to test the website extensively. Both functionally and again with the users. Also in this phase we will collect all your feedback.


We do a final check for a successful launch and then the moment really arrives: the website goes live!


After launch, you're not finished all at once; a digital product - like your business - keeps moving. We make sure your website always grows with your business.


We are here for you when it comes to maintenance. We make sure the security of your site is always up to date and support you where necessary.

We have already created online products for these brands, among others

Knowledge base online portals

Want to know more about building online portals? Then read more about developing headless portals, about the benefits of a customer portal Or check out our knowledge base, who knows, maybe we can answer your question. You can also call or WhatsAppen us!

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