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Android, iOS, Hybrid and Web Apps

We develop apps that delight users and help you grow. And we're here for every stage of your mobile project, from strategy to engineering to design to Native to React Native or web app.

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Pixel-perfect design and the best techniques

Brthrs has years of experience in conceiving, designing and developing apps. A good app ensures high retention, engagement and a positive user experience. That's why we always make sure the apps we develop fit your goals and target audience. With our multidisciplinary team, we build apps that not only excel visually, but also functionally.

Native iOS & Android Apps

We develop high-quality Native iOS and Android apps, with all the advantages native offers: speed, good user-experience and pixel-perfect design.

iOS Development: Swift, Objective-C

Android Development: Kotlin, Java

Hybrid Apps

If you want your product or service to work on multiple systems, we can build you a hybrid app. This technology will save you time and money.

Hybrid Development: React Native, Firebase, Amazon AWS

Web Apps

A web application is the ideal choice when you prefer a Web-based solution to developing a traditional mobile app. This approach allows you to reach a wider audience without the need for users to download or install anything. With a Web app, you can effectively provide an app-like experience, optimized for all smartphones, while taking advantage of the benefits of Web technologies.

Development: React and Vue.JS

Strategic thinking

The success of your app hinges on a good plan. Who are your users? What do you want to achieve? Our strategists will help you create a solid plan for an app that your target audience will want to keep using.

Sample Case Study: The Stopcoach App

By order of the Trimbos Institute, Pharos and the LUMC we developed the Stopcoach App, which helps people quit smoking. By putting down a good strategy, creating a clean design and organizing test sessions with the target audience, we designed an app that helped the target audience put down the cigarette.

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Overview screen of the stopcoach app

We are there for the whole process


Together with you, we look at the market, your product and your target audience. We translate that into an effective strategy that helps your product grow.


Our team of designers provides the best UI and UX strategy. So that the button is not only beautiful, but also always in the right place. They also take care of illustrations and animations.


This is where we turn design into reality. We use the latest technologies and work in sprints, so you end up with an app that exceeds the needs of your users.


Then it's time to grow. We monitor, analyze, A/B test and make sure your app is also easily findable in the app stores (app marketing).

How we develop apps

A screen of the app Stopcoach

Step 1: Research & Strategy

Before we get started, we want to get clear on what is important. What goals do you have, what are you unique in, who are your users and who are your competitors? Together we create a marketing strategy for your app.

Step 2: Concept & Interaction Design

Based on your requirements, we create a "user interaction design" based on the functions the app should have.

Step 3: User Interface design

We create a design that matches the existing corporate identity, or create a new one if desired. Our experienced designers use this to create a "user interface design.

Step 4: Content

Our content specialist engages with you early in the process to work on appropriate content. Together, we'll create a unique app, with content that aligns with your goals.

Step 5: Technical design

Based on the "user interface design" (visual) and the "user interaction design" (functional) and depending on the desired platform, a technical design is created.

Step 6: App development

After the technical design, we start developing the app in sprints. Our team of programmers, content specialists and designers work closely together on this.

Step 7: Testing

We want to deliver products that make you and your users happy. That's why we test all our apps extensively. By ourselves, but certainly also with the target group.

Step 8: Release

Once all previous steps have been successfully completed, we will make sure the app becomes available in your chosen app stores.
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Knowledge base apps

Want to know more about apps? Take a look at our knowledge base, who knows, maybe we can answer your question. Of course, you can also call or WhatsAppen us!

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This is Robert, director of Brthrs. If you have a question, a challenge, an idea ... Robert and the Brthrs team would love to hear from you!

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